Class Dojo
teacher dojo     Class Dojo is the tool that I use for behavior management in the classroom.  You can check out Class Dojo and see how I use it in the classroom by clicking HERE. Once you get to the Class Dojo homepage, click the share tab at the top of the screen and then scroll down to find the Student Introduction Video.  The video will give you more information on how exactly it works.
     Class Dojo allows me to give a student either a positive point or a negative point based on the behaviors that they are showing at school. It is in real time.  So as soon as I give a student a point it will update in the system.
    I can email each individual parent a report that will show their child's conduct throughout the week.  It is very specific and let's you know exactly what each point was awarded for.  Please let me know if you are interested in receiving this report.